Fund Management: Enterprise & Supplier Development

Fund Management: Enterprise & Supplier Development

We manage Enterprise Development Funds in line with the Investment Mandate agreed with client. Typically, funds are committed for a 5 year period and are ring fenced: each fund is run specifically to realize the aims and objectives of the investor and contributions are not comingled with funds from other investors.
There is a wide choice of programs and we have been instrumental in designing and implementing projects across several sectors. Depending on how ED funds are contributed, contributions can be structured to reduce the risk of capital loss. Where possible, we seek opportunities that are self-sustaining and offer the possibility of real returns on investment.

Siyakha Capital Advisors’ Investment Model

Outside of the work that we do in raising funding for SMME through Development Funding sources, we seek to invest in businesses that are above the DFI funding categories but below the desirable level of investment for most Private Equity firms (typically around R100m).

We take an active role in our investee companies by appointing an operational Executive who focus- es on the growth strategy. In SMME businesses, all businesses are appointed a business coach to ensure that the investment achieves the desired outcome.

Investment Methodology