Graduation Model


We believe that the transformation objectives of South Africa if delivered correctly, will benefit all of the participants in South Africa’s economy.

Our graduation model targets businesses that are white-owned, where the current business owner will seek to retire within a 5 – 10-year period. Through the Gradation model, we identify a black industrialist with the requisite technical expertise & qualification. This individual is known by the SMME or we source and individual who goes through a selection process.

Over a five-year period, the black industrialist takes up a generate percentage of the business until ultimate exit – and the white business owner takes an active and aggressive role in transferring business knowledge, relationships, skills and operational capacity into the new business owner.

This ensures continuity, the sustainability of the business post exit and fast-tracks the opportunity for a black industrialist to run a successful, established business geared for growth. It allows the business to owner to exit the business with a significant investment.